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3 Things to Check When an Evaporative Air Conditioner Wont Turn on High

An evaporative air cooler is a popular alternative to air conditioning units for use in cooling off a home or a room, during the hot, humid summer months. One of the problems that homeowners will find with the evaporative air cooler is that they may have a problem with turning on high. If you have this particular problem, here are some things... read more >>

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Gable Attic Fans

Gable attic fans are an excellent way to cool your attic and entire house. The fan is installed on an attic wall with the exhaust port located on the opposite wall. It draws hot air from within the house and expels it outside through the exhaust port. Gable fans may be powered by electricity or solar energy. The fan circulates cool air throughout... read more >>

4 Advantages of Using a Swamp Cooler Cover

Using a swamp cooler cover has many advantages. If you are deciding whether or not it is the right choice for you, here is a little information for guidance.

Advantage 1 - Protection from Sun

Having a cover can help to protect the cooler from sun. This not only keeps it from beaming right on, it also keeps the outside and paint from... read more >>

3 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Evaporative Cooler Parts

Repairing a swamp cooler is simple, provided you can find the right evaporative cooler parts for the model you have. Swamp coolers are simple to operate, but they aren't immune to problems. If you need to find parts for your evaporative cooler, here are a few tips to help you find the parts and save some money during the process.

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