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How Much Does a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Cost?

A geothermal heating and cooling system has many advantages, not least the benefits to the environment through improving energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Calculating the costs before you decide to install this system can help to allay any doubts you may haveabout committing to such a large investment and ensure that... read more >>

How to Bleed Air from Your Cooling System

To bleed air from a air cooling system means to release air pockets that are trapped in cooling systems such as radiators. These air pockets that form inside your radiator can cause overheating simply because you will assume that your radiator’s coolant reservoir seams full but in fact it is just air that is regulating around it. Since... read more >>

How To Attach Window Fans To Your Windows

Attaching window fans to your windows is a simple way to draw hot air out of your home, while creating a nice, cooling breeze. Typically, you'll want a window fan as large as your window opening. Once you've decided on a window, there are only two simple steps to attach the window fan.

Place the Fan in the Window

Place fan in the...

How to Assemble an Oscillating Fan

To assemble an oscillating fan, chances are the only tool you will need is a screwdriver, if that because it is user friendly and easy to do. Depending on the fan size there might be a little more work involved. For instance, commercial fans are fairly heavy duty compared to an average home model and may require more complicated assembly.... read more >>

How to Add Window Screening to an Evaporative Air Cooler

If you are using an evaporative air cooler, then you may want to add a window screen to your room in order to regulate the amount of air which comes into the house. This can affect how cool the home is, and it will also affect utility bills, so getting the air flow correct ensures that you don't use more energy than you need to. Adding a window... read more >>