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Fan Thermostat Control

You can install a thermostat control unit separately to the fan. The unit provides you the ability to activate or deactivate the cooling fans in your home. Some people regard these devices as money-saving because users can predetermine the temperature at which the fans will turn on.

Without a thermostat control, you may turn on fans when... read more >>

How Does a Portable Swamp Cooler Work?

A portable swamp cooler is a good alternative to a fan in areas that are arid or don't have high humidity. Box-like, set on wheels and powered by electricity, they contain a fan boxed in by moistened pads made of materials such as cellulose or cedar shavings. Blowing air through the pads cools and humidifies it, circulating cool air around... read more >>

How Does a Geothermal Cooling System Work?

A geothermal cooling system is one of the simplest forms of sustainable energy transfer, both in terms of conceptualization and installation. This type of cooling system does not rely on electrically-cooled air as with an air conditioning unit. Rather, it is designed to tap into the cool, stable temperatures found just below the surface... read more >>

Germ-Free Humidifier Systems

A germ free humidifier is a humidifier that removes mold, spores and water-breeding bacteria. There are three ways that the water in the reservoir can be sterilized, those that use ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate bacteria in the water, humidifiers that heat the water to boiling to eliminate bacteria, and humidifiers that use both methods... read more >>

Fixing an Exhaust Fan that Drips

Fixing an exhaust fan that drips can be a tricky activity, but it is not difficult. Instead of complexity, this job simply requires time and attention to detail. The exhaust fan itself is meant to remove odors in a room, but also general moisture. Because the moisture is sucked through its vacuum, the exhaust fan may have a buildup of moisture... read more >>