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Electric Window Fans

While in-window air conditioners include a fan-only setting that is useful for nighttime and when you want to save energy, electric window fans provide no air conditioning, only air circulation and ventilation. Electric window fans are produced by manufacturers such as Honeywell, Holmes, Lasko, Rival, Sunbeam, Bionaire and Air King. Very simple... read more >>


Among the most varied and versatile inventions, fans come in many shapes and sizes. They are found in both commercial and residential locations and are produced under numerous brand names. Certain types of fans serve a very specific purpose while others are more all-encompassing in their applicability. Whether indoor or outdoor, for commercial... read more >>

Extractor Fans: Axial, Centrifugal or Mixed Flow?

Extractor fans perform a very crucial function in the home. They facilitate the removal of fumes and stale air from rooms. Extractor fans may be set on a window or a wall and come in various forms. They vary according to size, low voltage and regulatory ability. Fans that need low voltage power are ideal for bathrooms. Others have inbuilt... read more >>

Energy-Saving Options for an Exhaust Fan

There are several energy saving options available for an exhaust fan. They include low energy exhaust fans that are designed to operate at a lower wattage, and in many cases are quieter than older fans. These new low energy exhaust fans can be installed during new construction or as part of the remodel of a kitchen or bathroom.

Low Energy...