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Choosing the Right Evaporative Cooler Pad Material for the Weather

Choosing the best evaporative cooler pad can be difficult since it's effectiveness tends to change with the weather. Here is a guideline though that can help you find the right pad material, no matter the season.


When the weather is warm, you will want to use an evaporative cooler pad that is made from wood. Because wood absorbs... read more >>

Commercial Fans

Commercial fans serve either to exhaust hot, stale or particle-filled air from commercial workplaces, to ventilate similar spaces with fresh outside air or help keep a workplace cool. Warehouse, barns, shops, fabrics, garages and other large commercial buildings require fixed wall exhaust fans. Commercial exhaust fans are either driven directly... read more >>

Combining Evaporative Air Coolers with Standard Air Conditioners

When it comes to keeping you cooled off in the summer you have a choice between evaporative air coolers or an air conditioner. They both do a great job with the climate control, but they each do it in their own way. Deciding on which type of air cooler to purchase for your home will depend on several factors. Here is a short comparison... read more >>

Clean Your Floor Fans in Three Easy Steps

Cleaning your floor fan, whether oscillating or stationary, is important and easy. Dirty blades inhibit the fan from working properly and can even cause the fan to completely stop functioning. In order to properly and thoroughly clean your floor fan for optimal and long-lasting function, gather the necessary materials and follow the easy... read more >>

Cleaning a Swamp Cooler Filter

A swamp cooler is a useful household cooling device especially if you live in a hot climate area. It is also known as an evaporative cooler. The unit works like an air conditioner to keep your home cool. However, to operate the device, you must ensure that your windows are slightly open. The cooler utilizes an evaporation mechanism to cool... read more >>