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Best Climate for Portable Swamp Coolers

Portable swamp coolers can help cool down your home during hot summer months. They aren't designed to be used in all environments. They will work better in certain areas of the country.

Dry Heat

Swamp coolers are most commonly seen in the mid and southwest regions of the United States. A swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler, works by... read more >>

Choosing a Swamp Cooler

By Murray Anderson

The idea behind swamp coolers work is basic Physics. As water evaporates, it cools any object it’s in contact with as well as the surrounding air. Your body uses this principle to help regulate your temperature through perspiration and you may have felt it if you’ve ever put on a damp shirt and stood... read more >>

Ceiling Fans Lights

As an non-essential component of many ceiling fans, lights comprise an element of the design on some fan units. There are two primary types of lights found on a ceiling fan: uplights and downlights. As the name suggests, uplights illuminate upwards towards the ceiling, creating an indirect glow while downlights cast their radiance directly... read more >>

Caring for Your Window Fans

If you want to prolong the life of your window fans, in order to reliably keep your home cooler, care for your fan.

Use Only When Needed

Rather than keep your window fans blowing all day, use them only when you’re home. Check your thermostat for the temperature, and consider whether or not you really need cooler air. Using your... read more >>