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Экстремальная рыбалка FC-5000 Ната Пэгла - Вещи

Игровой предмет World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King "Экстремальная рыбалка FC Ната Пэгла" на базе  Скорость ( урон в секунду) Прочность 55 / 55 Уровень предмета 50 Требуется Рыбная ловля () Цена продажи: 2 85

Bring 4 lures to make your life easier. Комментарий от siggboy This is definitively a tedious quest just to break the skill cap for a secondary profession. Cooking and First Aid are less work and less annoying. The exact coordinates mentioned above are not important, the only thing that matters is that you are in the correct subzone as mentioned in the quest text. Of course the coordinates given here help with finding those locations. Be prepared to fish for a while until you get the quest fish. My success varied from slightly over 5 minutes to about 15 minutes of fishing necessary to get my catch done after the 2. Attaching a lure does not make you fish faster and does not improve your success rate in getting specific eg. Комментарий от Baini I did this quest as a 70 hunter with epic mount. I made it on about 30 minutes. As long you are over 40 it will go quite quick. I was able to attain my last point standing next to Nat. Can you combine skilling up with trying to catch these rare fish? Комментарий от spiffedwow i use that website all the time!!! This may be a bug on the pole since it is from a TBC quest. I used a regular fishing pole later and got my resulting catches within 15 attempts for all of em. Комментарий от Ravenne Remember to leave your raid group I was standing on the east bank with my feet in the water. Hope this helps someone: Комментарий от Noktum I got all my fishes using the coords in the first post. You can get all of them without fishing lures, though using a lure in Feralas is adviced, otherwise you will get a lot of "your fish got away"-messages. Succesful catches I needed to get my fish: Комментарий от simb for: Комментарий от simb at 34,33 in ONE cast I found savage coast blue sailfin. Expirience gained - Комментарий от Knightwing4 As of 2. Took me 70 STV casts, 30 Swamp casts, 40 feralas and 5 desolace. Комментарий от philipacamaniac Is it just me, or are all of the fish locations for this quest very Horde centric? I flew to Camp Mojache, bam it was right there. Stonard, a little run, and bam. So Alliance fishers, good luck! Комментарий от Bumbaclot Perfect Coords to everything. This is a great post. Комментарий от haloman The order it should be fished in is 1. Комментарий от Sennz pretty easy quest. Комментарий от TheMercenary Maybe I just got really lucky or maybe they changed in patch 2. I used a lure for it seeing as everyone seemed to which let me get it on the second cast.

I then went and got the second fish 5 casts , came back to Desolace, and got the Striker in 2 casts. Because I did it for like an hour until I was about to scream and then finally realized what had happened. Комментарий от bcr8ivewow Has anyone had problems getting this quest at higher levels. I have been slacking Комментарий от tantun 1 After getting this q, go to Mudsprocket , the goblin town. Make it ur home. Комментарий от november Some fish are easier to catch than others. In the other 3 places, the fish will bite without a lure. It took me 30 tries to get the Feralas fish, about 25 casts in Desolace, but in the Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn the fish bit fairly quickly after about 8 to 10 tries. Комментарий от Ozzymandius I just finished this quest at level 35 and got 5, xp instead of the shown above. This may be new for 2. Комментарий от MortaeRex yeeeehaaaa! Thnx for the posts with where to fish them: Комментарий от jinxed Each fish took an average of 10 casts and came up with another fish. Not by itself in a cast. None required a lure. Комментарий от Zorgix Note: The feralas Ashi can be held off hand. Strangleton Vale for http: Swamp of Sorrows for http: Комментарий от NIghtshade I have now done this quest 3 times on three realms with 2 lvl 70 alliance alts and a lvl 37 horde alt. The locations given by terraq are spot on, but remember to stand in the water! The time to fish varied from a couple of minutes to 1 cast for the two alliance alts lvl 70 In fact I manged both the Desolace and Feralas fish on the same Aquadynamic Fish Attractor. However the horde alt lvl 37 needed to fish for a minimum of 4 minutes for each fish. On all three occasions at lvl fishing I just swam out to Nat Pagle and got the quest, no pre-requisite of any sort was required. Oh and XP is now for lvl Комментарий от atjetcmk As of 2. The other posts stated the Feralas Ahi was the most difficult but i got it on the 3rd cast with 9 mins left on my bobber. The most difficult parts of the quest were getting to Nat Pagle and the Swamp of Sorrows shore. For the SoS, I went to the south along the mnts and killed many lvl 40ish spiders. Go to the shore and watch the mobs and u should be able to get to a safe fishing spot by killing only one. Комментарий от robgreg7 There is no method to the madness!! Catch these fish in any order at the coords above.

My first catch in Feralas came in about 8 casts. The second in Desolace was landed on the very first cast. DOne on the lower part of the beach around 90,73??? Anyway, the last catch was on the second cast. You may not even have to go up that far. That was around 25, Комментарий от Aesiir Did they change the drop rate on the fishes? Did they make it harder or am I just extremely unlucky? Комментарий от Pescados To everyone trying to speculate on of casts: Not very likely, but it could happen. Комментарий от Marwan It took me the following number of casts to catch each of the fish for this quest: I hope each of you have better luck. Комментарий от madskrue If you are going to do this quest, do yourself a favor Download the addon "Quest Helper". It shows where the best chance of fishing the fish are. I got all the fish in about 3 casts. Комментарий от Kitsuna I did it this way: Grabbed the quest and hearthed, then went to Thunder Bluff. Flew to Desolace and caught on the first try, went to Feralas and got it within 10, flew to Ratchet and moved to Stranglethorn.

экстремальная рыбалка нат пэгл

Heading to the flight point I went to Swamp of Sorrows and caught my Mahi on the second cast. All in one hearth. No "Your fish got away! Not sure where the most convenient place is for Alliance.

Экстремальная рыбалка FC-5000 Ната Пэгла - Предметы

Комментарий от PheePhee I found out that I was unable to do the fishing daily quests at 70 because I did not level up. Sooo, I went back and did it. Of course it was pretty easy to avoid all the aggro, but found that at each spot I got my required fish in under 10 mins. I was very lucky at Southern Savage Coast to get it on the first cast. Took all evening but I think I am on my way Комментарий от Mystikan It is definitely random, and it looks like level has nothing to do with it either. I used Aquadynamic Fish Attractors in all locations, but I still believe I can claim the worst overall drop rate on this comment page so far! Комментарий от LightningBlade Omg was this nerfed or something? Комментарий от Googla I hate this quest so much, took me 2 hours to finish it! I guess its worth it if u wanna fish motes. Комментарий от tombatch It appears that the behavior of this quest has been changed, perhaps with 3. I just caught all four of these fish with only one cast each. In any case, with it working this way, I was able to do the quest, from start to finish, in under an hour.

экстремальная рыбалка нат пэгл

Porting to Stonard as a mage did save me some time, though. Комментарий от buck Confirmed each fish needed for quest caught very first cast! Комментарий от Psi2k Yep same for me. Комментарий от fergotten Requires Fishing. Комментарий от Kranwe Very easy quest No lures, regular fishing pole.

экстремальная рыбалка нат пэгл

Комментарий от madinno The coordinates for each of these are spot on. I caught all 4 on the first try. Комментарий от Neeek Got each fish in one cast once I was in the right place. We do not count breadcumb quests towards zone achievements FYI. Комментарий от elecmohwk Just went to desolace, fished for like 10 minutes off of the dock where the FP is, nothing. Ran south to the beach with the dead crawler bodies scenery, not actual mob bodies , got it on first cast! Комментарий от finalguy They must have changed this quest resently because i went 4 for 4 on the special fish. All caught on first casts. Комментарий от gathorga done this yesterday if u have quest helper it shows where they all are i caught all 4 first go. Комментарий от Powerage Same as others, all 4 were caught on first cast in the areas mentioned above. Комментарий от hayden Apart from running around a lot, this quest is easy. I caught the fish i needed on my first cast in each location. Just make sure you are in the correct area name. Also, an interesting side note: That was stated many times already. Sheesh, offer something new. Who wants to read posts saying the same thing?

экстремальная рыбалка нат пэгл

Комментарий от Airyn What QuestHelper told me to do. Thousand Needles to Feralas. Ride through Feralas to Desolace. Ride to Nijel Point. Fly from Nijel Point to Auberdine. From Auberdine take the boat to Menethil Harbour. From Menethil Harbour fly to Nethergarde Keep. From Nethergarde Keep fly to Booty Bay. From Booty Bay take the boat to Rachet. From Rachet fly to Theramore. From Theramore swim to Nat Pagle. I tried to turn in this quest as a test with fishing and a lure. It did not work. You cannot use any bonuses. You have to have the actual fishing skill. Комментарий от remotettl first - to desolace. Комментарий от rodrigoblasi if you take, 2 or 3 fish. Комментарий от asdfowkw LoL. Комментарий от flymolo21 Just go to the locations, I caught all fish one 1 cast. Комментарий от Nightbreak No fishing lures are necessary. You cannot "miss" the quest item fish. Комментарий от 9fipo2 Damn i got in fishing skill, but cant pickup the quest: Комментарий от 9fipo2 I dont wanna be whining but why do blizz dont remove this and the cook q wich are much simmular?

Wow экстремальная рыбалка

They are just booring and i dont realy feel any rewarding plessure when completed. Just like; nice i just wasted 2 hours of farming and traveling thru both Eastern and Kamildor to be able to continue to farm my skills in cooking and fishing: S Dont overdo the way to complete a goal like this. I will note that I got xp at level Комментарий от btwist 30 mins in feralas and still no fish Комментарий от dnugairwalker For those of u that use tom tom the macro is It was apparently stealth de-nerfed in 3. Комментарий от iranou Anyone else think this quest is a little horde-biased, as all four fish are found nearer to a horde flight path than an alliance one? Комментарий от Rolandmaffia Horde side! You must make before: Go Orgrimmar, find Lumak , at 2. Go Dustwallow Marsh, find Nat Pagle , at 3. Continue with this quest! Комментарий от Fomorx Patch 3. This quest is no longer needed to get Artisan fishing skill. Комментарий от Yrjoirmeli Seriosly, any programmer of Blizz plays alliance actually? All fishing trainers now teach Expert and Artisan fishing skill ranks. Juno Duffrain in Zangarmarsh also teaches Master rank. The Expert and Master rank books are no longer sold. New trained requirements are: Only character level 10 is required to train fishing all the way to Expert and Artisan cooking ranks are also taught by trainers in Old Azeroth and Outland. Master Cooking is still taught by a book. Комментарий от Mancer Just completed this quest on my lvl 42 lock. Quest completion experience is not as stated in the quest details, but Комментарий от slidewithme After 3.

Нат Пэгл, великий рыболов

Комментарий от cndd1 Finally decided to work on my fishing on an alt.. Комментарий от deathfrozt well, i went from lumak in orgrimmar and to nat pagle, then i accepted his quest and went back to orgrimmar, then lumak wanted to teach me artisan fishing, so now i got artisan fishing without doing the quest: DD but im still gonna do the quest. S strongly recommended because of its ease Комментарий от Nightz2k It took me about 5 min at each place. It seemed pretty easy for a good reward. I took about 5 min at each place. Seems like an easy quest for a good reward. Only downside is you have to travel quite a bit. Комментарий от Emerica None. Nat Pagle was probably an exclusive supplier for the Horde. So you can just fly to the Hinterlands and complete the quest: Комментарий от Eldan P at N agle was a game dev. It seems he was one of the guys who made quests.

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  • I figured Pat seemed like a more normal name so i googled it and turned this up. Комментарий от myluc To bad its not possible to have a priest mind control him and get the quest for alliance lol. Havent tried but i dont see it working. Комментарий от paladinblue Post Комментарий от JohnsonQPew This is one of those changes, there are a few in every patch, where you are left scratching your head about the process Blizzard went through to determine that a rebalance was needed. That last part is crucial if people are going to keep playing this game. Комментарий от gaashura This can be vendored for 2g 85s 80c as of patch 3. Комментарий от Cuphat You keep this item on a faction transfer. Went from Blood Elf to Draenei and kept this fishing pole. Good thing too, as I disenchanted the Shattrath pole because this one was better at the time. Комментарий от KerynTB Vendor price is back to 2g 85s 80c as of this time. Комментарий от skydiver50 why did not this say it is a hord item? Комментарий от Sasori No longer horde only. Оставшуюся рыбу НЕ выкидываем. Берем квест Мидии с сюрпризом Скил кулинарии должен быть у мясника Моглия Быстроруба в таверне. Как набили, возвращаемся к Могиль Быстроруб и сдаем квест. Бежим на восток от Брибамбасска до порта картеля. Там у Гиккикс покупаем рецепты. У Шиендра Высокая Трава покупаем рецепты. Рыбачим западнее Лагеря Мохаче, пока навык рыбалки не апнется до Сырая краснобородка, Сырой черноперый луциан, Сырой радужный лосось а также Фералас - ахи, нужный нам по квесту. Количество каждой рыбины зависит от времени суток. Так же будет ловиться и другая рыба, но она нам не нужна для кулинарки. Готовим Филе красноласта пока не апнем кулинарку до Учим новые, ранее купленные, рецепты и готовим Суп из ночницы и Вареный радужный лосось, пока не апнем кулинарку до Покупаем наживку и летим в Азшару. Бежим в Залив Бурь. Нужно доплыть именно до Залива Бурь, чтоб появилась надписть на экране, что вы именно там, иначе будете ловить совсем другую рыбу, более низкого уровня. Рыбачим, используйте наживку, чтоб избежать срывов рыбы.

    экстремальная рыбалка нат пэгл

    Выловится Темноклешневый омар и Сырая мощь-рыба. Готовим Темноклешневый омар и Сырая мощь-рыба пока кулинарка не апнется до Если не достиглато рыбачим еще, пока не апнем. Учимся у тренера, потом пилим в Зангратопь. Доготовьте остатки омаров и мощь-рыбы, что выловили в Азшаре.


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