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Among the most varied and versatile inventions, fans come in many shapes and sizes. They are found in both commercial and residential locations and are produced under numerous brand names. Certain types of fans serve a very specific purpose while others are more all-encompassing in their applicability. Whether indoor or outdoor, for commercial or residential use, fans provide cool breezes, ventilate enclosed areas and draw warm, stale air, airborne irritants and moisture out of spaces. Depending on its type, a fan may also serve an aesthetic purpose as well, especially in stylish ceiling fans and portable home units. Dozens of brand names produce fans of all types, so this is a good place to begin when you're beginning your search for the right fan.


Many of the following brand names produce fans of different types, so expect to see many of the manufacturers repeated. Fans can be divided into 5 basic types: kitchen/bathroom fans, ceiling fans, portable fans, wall-mounted fans and commercial fans. Commercial fans is a category that includes ceiling, portable, exhaust/ventilation and wall fans. Kitchen/bathroom fans used for exhaust purposes are made by BROAN, NuTone, Panasonic, FanTech and Air King. Some of the manufacturers also make attic exhaust fans. Ceiling fans have dozens of producers. Some of the most well known include Casablanca, Hunter, Emerson, Fanimation, Monte Carlo, Minka Aire, Maxim Lighting and Casa Vieja.

Portable fans include pedestal, floor, tower and table units. Numerous brands offer portable fans including Hunter, Lasko, FlowPro, Aloha, Air King, Dayton, Schaefer, Holmes, Honeywell, Deco Breeze and Windchaser. Wall-mounted fans resemble floor and pedestal fans yet affix to a wall with a bracket. They are made by Gettington, TPI, Global Industrial and Universal Lighting, just to name a few. Finally, commercial fan makers include Quorum, FlowPro, Air King, Airmaster, Ventamatic, Westinghouse, GE, TPI and Global Industrial with the last being one of the largest producers of commercial fan products.