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How To Care For Your Whole House Fan

You can do several things to care for your whole house fan and increase its performance and lifespan. You can start by selecting the whole house fan that has the required power and capacity to cool your home. Also, ensuring that there is enough vent area in the attic is important.

You can care for your whole house fan by following the below rules.

  • Clean the fan blades and motor regularly. Whole house fans circulate a lot of air, and can accumulate dust and grease very quickly. If the dust is not cleaned regularly, the fan may overheat. This will affect the performance and longevity of your whole house fan.
  • Try and reduce the fan speed whenever possible. At night, the whole house fan need not operate on high speed. Once the house has cooled down, you can operate the fan at a lower speed. This will also make the operation quieter.
  • If your whole house fan has rubber belts, you must regularly check their adjustment. The belts will also need regular oiling or lubrication.
  • Ensure that there are no electric wires or other objects blocking the area around the whole house fan in the attic.
How to Buy Window Fans

When looking for a window fan, the options can be daunting. However, by choosing an effective system with easily cleaned parts, your fans can provide you with long-lasting cooling.


Evaluate what system of window fans you’ll be looking for. Plans for house fans rather than bedroom window fans can greatly alter the products and prices for your house.

Ease of Cleaning

Choosing an easily cleanable fan will extend the life of your fan. Find a fan that uses screws to attach the grill to the body of the fan. It will be easy to remove the grill, and clear debris from the motor, as well as


Awning fans divert solar heat from your house, keeping your home cooler. This improves the effectiveness of your window fans, by inviting greater amounts of cool air into your house.

Attic Fan

Investing in an attic fan can help to reduce your need to put in window fans throughout the rest of your house. Because hot air rises, heat accumulates in your attic. Blowing the hot air out of the attic will lower the heat in the entire house, saving you money on other cooling options.