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Commercial Fans

Commercial fans serve either to exhaust hot, stale or particle-filled air from commercial workplaces, to ventilate similar spaces with fresh outside air or help keep a workplace cool. Warehouse, barns, shops, fabrics, garages and other large commercial buildings require fixed wall exhaust fans. Commercial exhaust fans are either driven directly or with a fan belt and have blades as long as 4 feet in diameter. They are available with and without shutters or louvers and install into exterior walls. For very large commercial spaces, large fans in a steel box housing are used. Ventilation fans can either be fixed or portable and are necessary to supply a workplace with fresh, cool air. They are especially important when working in enclosed spaces where oxygen can quickly deplete such as manholes and tanks. Commercial cooling fans are generally more powerful than home units and come in pedestal, floor and wall-mounted varieties.

Home Fans

Fans used in the home consist of ceiling fans, portable fans and exhaust/ventilation fans. Just like in commercial spaces, home fans provide cool breezes, exhaust stale, warm air and moisture and draw hot air up and out of a room. Home fans are almost always more stylish than commercial units, for they must fit with a home's decor. Commercial fans are purely for utility, so decorations and frills are not necessary. Ceiling fans are among the most decorative of home fans, available in numerous styles from the ultra modern to the classically elegant.

Ceiling Fans

Available in both indoor and indoor outdoor units, ceiling fans, perhaps more than any other type, should be chosen based on their design as well as their functionality. Ceiling fans become a part of a room's decor, and in many cases they can greatly enhance a room's aesthetic appeal. Configured with 2 to 5 blades, available with and without lights, ceiling fans can be visually stunning fixtures, whether they possess a futuristic sleekness and simplicity or an antiquely ornate design with extravagant inlays and hardware. Fan blades may be constructed of wood, polished or brushed metal or even natural fibers such as bamboo or woven rattan. Accessories include optional blades, remote control and light fixtures. Reversible ceiling fans draw hot air up and out of a room as well as provide downwardly-directed cool air.