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Combining Evaporative Air Coolers with Standard Air Conditioners

When it comes to keeping you cooled off in the summer you have a choice between evaporative air coolers or an air conditioner. They both do a great job with the climate control, but they each do it in their own way. Deciding on which type of air cooler to purchase for your home will depend on several factors. Here is a short comparison guide for evaporative air coolers and standard air conditioners.

Different Type of Cooling

The evaporative air cooler, or sometimes referred to as a swamp cooler, work on the principle of water vapor. As humidity enters into the unit, the warm air is met by colder air on an evaporation pad. This cools the water down and is blown into the air as a cool mist. The air conditioning unit works through a process of blowing cold air that has been run through a refrigerant like freon. The air is going to be slightly different because of the two different processes.

Humidity Control

The air conditioner usually removes the humidity from a room. It cools through blowing cold, dry air into a room. If you need moisture in the air, this can be a dangerous situation. The swamp cooler, on the other hand, removes hot, dry air and replaces it with air that has cool water vapor in it.

Different Operations

When you use an air conditioner in your home it must be pretty closed up. If there are any windows open then the rooms are not going to be as cool as they could be. However, the evaporative air cooler must have windows open in order to operate effectively. They need to have the air flowing in order to continually move the air.

On Demand Cooling

An evaporative air cooler operates best in conditions when it is hot and dry. If the air is very humid, then the ability to cool a home down is greatly decreased. Conversely, an air conditioner can work in any type of humid conditions. They also produce instant cold air because of the refrigerant in the system. A swamp cooler, may take some time before a lot of cold air starts to flow through the blower.

Maintenance Comparisons

For the most part, an air conditioner needs to be set in a window and forgotten about until it is time to take it out. There is some steps to take for storing it, but they do not require a lot of maintenance. The evaporative air cooler is something that you should keep your eye on during the year. The unit has to be kept full of water, the filters clean, and the cooling pads should be replaced each year.

Stationary vs. Portable

An evaporative air cooler is mostly used as a stationary unit. It is housed on the outside of the home, much like a central air unit. There are plenty of different portable air conditioners that can be placed in a window in the summer and removed in the fall.

Electricity Usage

Finally, when comparing the two different cooling options, you must talk about the electrical needs of each. An air conditioner is going to use at least 40% more electricity than the evaporative air cooler. This is because it does not take any energy to create the cold air, only to blow it through the home.

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