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Ceiling Fans Lights

As an non-essential component of many ceiling fans, lights comprise an element of the design on some fan units. There are two primary types of lights found on a ceiling fan: uplights and downlights. As the name suggests, uplights illuminate upwards towards the ceiling, creating an indirect glow while downlights cast their radiance directly downward. While many ceiling fans are sold as a complete package with or without lights, some manufacturers let you custom build your fan, giving you many options in the process.

Different Ceiling Fan Lights

Fan parts like uplights and downlights are not essential. However, a light fixture adds functionality to your ceiling fan, and in many cases, it adds decorative charm.

Most ceiling fan lights consist of a single bulb connected to a fixture attached to the bottom of the fan's motor. This is the typical downlight. Fixtures may contain a single bulb or several. Depending on the design, the fixture itself and the glass shades may very ornate.


Uplights are found on the top of the motor and shine upwards, illuminating indirectly. Ceiling fan lights are controlled by means of a wall-mounted panel, remote control or pull chain hanging from the fan.

When shopping for ceiling fans, consider the benefits of including a light fixture to the unit, whether direct or indirect light is your aim.

Does a Cooling Fan Really Help the XBOX 360?

A cooling fan can be purchased right from the manufacturer of XBOX 360. A cooling fan is used to cool the components and the electronics of the XBOX 360. Below are a few things to keep in mind regarding the cooling fan you purchase.

Purchasing a Cooling Fan

The manufacturer has different cooling fan options for purchase. This should be the first place you look to purchase the unit. There are several fans that have LED blacklights, that will make a really cool and unusual effect in your system when you turn the fan on. The fans just plug into a port on the back of the system. They are pretty much plug and play.

Needs for a Cooling Fan

If you are an intensive gamer with your XBOX 360, then you should look to purchase a cooling fan. It will significantly reduce the heat that is blown out from the gaming system. If you are just a casual gamer, who only plays for a couple hours at a time, then you probably do not need to purchase a cooling system unless you just want to show off some of the cool lighting effects that come with the system.