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Caring for Your Window Fans

If you want to prolong the life of your window fans, in order to reliably keep your home cooler, care for your fan.

Use Only When Needed

Rather than keep your window fans blowing all day, use them only when you’re home. Check your thermostat for the temperature, and consider whether or not you really need cooler air. Using your window fan less frequently can prevent damage from overworking.

Cleaning the Grill

Keeping your fan clean will prolong the life of your window fan by protecting it from day to day damage. Unscrew the grill from your window fan, and use a small brush to clear any dust blocking the small holes in the gill.

Cleaning the Fan Blades

Use a damp cloth to clean each fan blade, being careful not to touch the motor. Spray an anti-static cleaning agent onto a paper towel, and then run over each dry blade, helping keep your fan clean in the future.

Cleaning the Motor

Now, check the motor for any foreign materials that may be obstructing the working ability of your fan. Use a high-pressure air hose, as the air can reach debris you can’t. Replace the grill, and use your fan as you normally would.

Preventative Measures

In order to prevent damage to your window fan, use the brush attachment on your vacuum weekly, removing any build-up of dust and dirt.

Ceiling Fan Blade

A particular ceiling fan blade configuration is required in order for a ceiling fan to function. Using 3 to 5 blades, ceiling fans incorporate a wide variety of blades in different shapes, lengths and materials. Hand-carved or machine-made, ceiling fan blades, like other fan parts, are available as replacement accessories should the original unit be damaged. Some companies, like Casablanca, sell the blades separately from the start, allowing you to essentially custom build your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Blades for ceiling fans are most commonly shaped like paddles tapering towards one end, but numerous other styles are available. The Casablanca Fan Company offers blades shaped like palm leaves, blades resembling boat sails and even hand-carved wood blades. Contemporary blades differ greatly from decor-specific blades. Basically, whatever style of ceiling fan you have, there are appropriate fan blades.


Ceiling fan blades come in different lengths and are designed to sit at a particular pitch for maximum air circulation. Your ceiling fan is rated to hold fan blades up to a certain length. To increase the span of the blades, alternative blade irons to support them may be necessary.

Whether you are custom building a ceiling fan or replacing a damaged part, ceiling fan blades give you plenty of options from which to make your choice.