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Bathroom Exhaust Fans

With models available from brands such as BROAN, FanTech, Hunter, NuTone and Panasonic, bathroom exhaust fans allow the built-up moisture in a bathroom to be vented to the outside. Bathroom fans not only help to keep mirrors from becoming overly fogged up, but they also help to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Bathroom exhaust fans may be installed in a wall or the ceiling and are usually centrally located in a bathroom to effectively vent moisture from the shower.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

When shopping for a bathroom exhaust fan, you have both practical and design-oriented decisions to make. Practically speaking, you have the option of purchasing a fan-only unit that mounts flush to the wall or ceiling and is covered by a grille. Also available are combo units that feature a heater and/or a light. With ceramic elements, the fan-forced heat is a great way to warm a cold bathroom, and the light adds extra illumination.

Different Designs

Other fans are as decorative as they are useful, adding a bit of style to match the decor of your bathroom. Whichever type you choose, your bathroom exhaust fan will likely require a duct for proper ventilation. Look for an Energy Star-rated unit with a CFM number (cubic feet per minute) that corresponds to the size of your bathroom.

Adding A Desk Fan To Your Home Office

Adding a desk fan to your home office can mean the difference between melting in the summer heat and staying cool, comfortable and productive. While you may think that any fan will do, choosing the right desk fan for your office can make summer work from home a breeze.

The Right Size Desk Fan

If you have a small desk, a large or oversize desk fan will not only look clunky, but it may take up a large portion of your workspace. Smaller desk fans can pack quite the punch when it comes to cooling you down, and a smaller fan doesn't necessarily mean less power. If you want more cool air, consider using 2 smaller fans rather than a single large one. It is often easier to place 2 small fans than a single one, and you can get cool air from multiple angles.

The Right Style

There are so many different options when it comes to style and design that picking out a desk fan that suits your home office should be easy. If your home office is formal or has a minimalist quality, consider a stainless steel desk fan. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, choose from several funky or retro styles.