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Air Humidifier Features

One of the most confusing dilemmas while selecting an air humidifier is the trade-off between efficiency, cost, and convenience. Also, there is difference between the actual performance of a humidifier and the claims that it makes. Here are the humidifier features to consider.


If you buy a tabletop humidifier, check that it can be easily moved and cleaned while for evaporative models, keep in mind the easy reparability of the wick. Also, the digital controls and various humidity settings should be user-friendly. Normally, warm-mist models make very little noise. If you have a large area, you can buy a console model and then place it sufficiently far from sleeping area. You will save money as the console models are cheaper.


There are two common features that contribute to efficiency of a humidifier. First is the humidistat which will shut off the unit whenever preset humidity level is reached, and second is the timer, which is used to program the humidifier to turn on and off as per your convenience. Apart from efficiency, humidistat ensures that humidity doesn’t reach excess levels which could promote the growth of bacteria. Also, excess humidity can also lead to condensation on windows.

Average Water Consumption of a Window Swamp Cooler

A window swamp cooler is a great appliance that is used a lot in the southern climates where the air is hot and dry. The swamp cooler, another name for it would be an evaporative cooler, does not work well in areas that have a lot of humidity. It relies on hot air that comes in contact with a wet evaporating pad. The resultant cold mist is then blown into the home.

Water Is Key

One of the reasons this type of appliance is called a swamp cooler is because all of its parts sit in a tank of water. This system relies not only on hot, dry air, but also in a tank full of water. The water is what keeps the pads from drying out and is then released into the air.

Average Water Consumption

Depending on the size of the swamp cooler, and the size of the home, water consumption can very greatly from day to day. However, a portable window swamp cooler will use approximately 10 to 15 gallons of water per day. Since the unit can not hold that much at one time, you will need to check it to make sure that it the water level is kept up. On very hot days, you can use more, while on humid days, you may not use a lot of water. However, the air will not be as cool.