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Adding Window Fans to Your Home

Adding window fans to your house can be a great, eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning, if you live in the right climate. If you're used to hot days and cool nights, window fans are a great choice to cut down on your electricity bill, by cooling your house at night and keeping it cool in the day.

Fan Size

Fan size varies greatly, so you should be able to find something to fit in your windows well. Proportional fan size will improve the amount of air entering your house.

Intake Air Source

Your intake air source can also change the quality of the air from a window fan. Although you run the risk of inviting bugs into your home, placing window fans near trees or plants can cause better smelling air.

The opposite is also true; placing window fans near poorly scented intake air sources, like above trashcans or around stagnant material can make your house smell still or foul.

Dangers of Window Fans

You should be careful with your surroundings when deciding to add a window fan to your house. Window fans typically aren't recommended for areas with high pollution, extreme heat or humidity, although it is possible to blow in cool air if humidity decreases at night.

If you don't have effective screens, insects will likely become nighttime guests, and noise from the street might not be completely masked by the noise of the fan.

Bathroom Ceiling Fans

Bathroom ceiling fans consist of a large selection of fixtures designed for use in high humidity areas. Bathroom fans may be independent appliances, or they may be combination units that feature a light and/or heater. While serving a very practical purpose in the bathroom, namely, keeping air circulating to reduce the buildup of moisture in the air, some units feature a variety of stylish designs, giving them an aesthetic purpose as well.

Bathroom Ceiling Fan Producers

Whether used purely as a functional fixture or to add an element of design to the room, bathroom ceiling fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are produced by several manufacturers. Among them are NuTone, Panasonic, Hunter, BROAN and FanTech. NuTone and Panasonic specialize in utility fans and combination units, while Hunter, for instance, makes a wide variety of decorative units with a faux-antique appearance.

Common Features

Some of the features you'll find with bathroom ceiling fans include a fully enclosed condenser motor for quiet operation, Energy Star qualification, remote control with some units and ductless design. Combo units often feature fan-forced heat, a ceramic heating element and energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

From a plain, flush-mounted grille fan to a unit with a stylish, period fixture, bathroom ceiling fans come in varieties numerous enough that there is something to suit everyone's tastes.