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3 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Evaporative Cooler Parts

Repairing a swamp cooler is simple, provided you can find the right evaporative cooler parts for the model you have. Swamp coolers are simple to operate, but they aren't immune to problems. If you need to find parts for your evaporative cooler, here are a few tips to help you find the parts and save some money during the process.

1. Call the Manufacturer

When people start shopping for parts for any appliance, they often forget to contact the manufacturer. If you have a warranty, the manufacturer may be able to set up an appointment for little to no cost. If there is no warranty, often they will offer you the parts at or slightly above cost.

2. Check Online

If you know which part you need, you can have some success by shopping around online. There are many online retailers who specialize in appliance parts. Since the overhead for an online store is low, the discounts are generally much greater. You may also be able to check for used parts. This can be tricky because you want to be ensured that the part is still in working order, so only deal with people who offer warranties.

3. Home Improvement Stores

When all else fails, you can order the part through many home improvement stores. A lot of home improvement stores will offer price matching, which can save you some money if you find the part for less online.

3 Reasons to Add a Window Screening to an Evaporative Air Cooler

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to add window screening to an evaporative air cooler. Here is a list of a few to help you decide if this handy trick would work for you:

Reason 1 - Bugs

Bugs are probably the biggest reason why people choose to add the screen to the air cooler. This way, bugs have a hard time getting in or out and they can't circulate from outside into your home or greenhouse as easily.

Reason 2 - Moisture

Better moisture is a great reason for the evaporative air cooler. The cooler will circulate air and moisture. This is great especially if you have your cooler in a greenhouse because you can get the plants the air that they need as well as the proper amount of moisture.

Reason 3 - Air Filter

While you do get filtration with the swamp pads, you are able to get a little more when it comes to the window screening.