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2 Common Repairs for an Oscillating Fan

An oscillating fan may require repair in various ways. When broken, a fan can be noisy or dysfunctional. Here are repair tips for two common fan issues.

1. Fan Head No Longer Rotates

The set of gears that controls fan head rotation, known as the gear assembly, may need repair if your fan is no longer rotating properly. Unplug the fan, remove the fan grille and find the motor casing. Remove the clutch knob from this. Moving the screws from the casing to reveal the gear assembly. You will either have to tighten the gears or replace any worn or damaged gears.

2. Wobbly Blades

Wobbly blades can be a noisy and annoying issue. Unplug the fan and remove the fan grill. Carefully examine each blade to find signs of damage or debris that would render them unbalanced. You can either replace the blades in question or tape tiny washers to them to help balance them out.

Average Evaporative Cooler Savings Compared to Air Conditioning Cost

An evaporative cooler is much cheaper to operate than a standard air conditioner. It uses less energy, and can be a good alternative in dry areas.

Energy Savings

Since an evaportive cooler operates in a much simpler way compared to traditional air conditioning, it doesn't require as much electricity or energy to operate. In desert like areas, people can save as much as 80% by ditching the air conditioner and using a swamp cooler instead.

Supplemental Usage

In some areas where the temperatures are known to soar, it doesn't make much sense to use an evaporative cooler all the time. Still, many people will experience savings by switching between the swamp cooler and the air conditioner. In parts of the country that experience cooler nights, the air conditioner can be turned off and the swamp coolers turned on in the evenings. This can save an average of 30% on monthly utility bills.

Another way to rack up the savings is to use the air conditioner only when the temperatures reach unbearable levels outside. When it's under 90 degrees, a swamp cooler can be very effective in cooling a home, and saving money at the same time.