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2 Common Air Admittance Valve Problems

An air admittance valve is a valve that is completely pressure activated. It is for one way mechanical vents that are used in a plumbing system. It will totally eliminate the need for a conventional roof and pipe venting penetration. When there is a charge of water waste the air admittance valve will open and release the vacuum. This will allow all of the air to enter the vent pipe for your plumbing and will give you the proper type of drainage. It is important that you know all of the things that could go wrong so that you can keep your air admittance valve working for as long as possible.

Common Problems

Although air admittance valves are tested for their durability against rodents, sometimes they cannot persevere. Holes can sometimes still be chewed through if the area is overrun with varmint. If you happen to notice that your air admittance valve is acting like it is not sucking up what it should, then you may have a hole or two on your hands.

Sometimes you may find that even with an air admittance valve, there are still clogs and a sewer odor. While this is rare, it is possible. Remember that these valves should last anywhere from 20 to 30 years so if they are only lasting for a couple of years, then there may be some problems.

Common Solutions

Your best bet when it comes to holes in your valve is to go to the root of the problem. Get an exterminator if you need as rodents can be a large problem for issues like this. If you feel like you can handle the pest control problem yourself then give it a try, but you still may want to keep an exterminator’s number handy just in case. As for fixing the holes, you are going to be better off getting a new valve, just be sure your pest control problem is under control before you do.

If you have had the unfortunate experience of the rare occasion of an air admittance valve not doing its job, then you are probably pretty frustrated. Because this is a rarity, be sure to keep your receipt and take it back as soon as you see that it is not working. Make sure that the air admittance valve is not itself clogged as that can sometimes be an issue. If there are no clogs and everything seems to be free and clear, then return it immediately.


When it comes to an air admittance valve, there really are not that many problems that you will be running into. You will be pleasantly surprised more often than not, that they are great tools that will help to prevent clogs. They are also great at keeping that sewer stench out of your home. If you do happen to run into problems and do not know what to do, call a professional, they will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it for you quickly as well as safely.